Apr. 14th, 2013

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Posting the last twenty-one first lines I wrote in fanfic. Very curious about anything that stands out to you about them, very willing to answer any questions. Stolen from dellessa, because it looked fun.


It was a brief calm between the storms.

The bonding ceremony was an extremely awkward affair with most mechs thinking violent thoughts about the other half of the attendance, including the bondeds-to-be, the attendant sires and carriers.

"Sunny will come one orn, Sides."

Megatron was used to the fact that his Seekers inevitably disappeared after battles.

The beeping was unnaturally loud in the late night silence of the Ark’s Command Center.

“Starscream!” – Megatron’s furious roar could be heard everywhere on the battlefield. – “If you don’t come here right now, I’ll deactivate you.”

The little red optics widened and turned upward, seeking his Carrier, the small servo stopped with a building block in it.

Somewhere on Cybertron, in a lab a mech screams continuously, only stopping when his vocalizer gives out and the sound chokes into static; before the self-repair fixes it up again so the screaming picks up – the cycle repeating itself for orns.

Never again… it was his last, agony-layered thought before falling into stasis on the dirty floor, surrounded by his own torn parts, lying obscenely spread out in a growing puddle of energon and transfluid.

Optimus Prime stood at the command deck of the Ark, gazing at the starscape as it streaked by on their mad dash towards their home.

“Starscream!” - Sideswipe’s voice held urgency and an order that Starscream automatically obeyed.

Seekers fascinated many mechs over the ages.

Megatron stood by the Ark, fuming in himself at the delay, clawed servos tightening from time to time in accord with his mood.

Jazz was thoroughly disgusted by what he saw and it wasn't easy to get that reaction out of the hardened spec ops commander.

Megatron sat on his throne, watching all the nobles and officials gathered in front of him, all bending their proud backs to him, the former gladiator, now their absolute ruler.

The Seekers were fewer every mating season, as the lone, tricoloured Seeker, perching on a ledge noticed.

Optimus flew over the desert that was his home for vorns now.

Skywarp dragged his heavy pedes to the balcony door, hurting all over.

The cage-door was slightly open when they came out of recharge, the huge hangar empty of life other than themselves, quiet at the early cycle of the orn.

Skywarp was angry, horny and as consequence thoroughly frustrated – a mood that promised nothing good whatsoever to anyone around him.

It was not as dangerous as it looked…. he's been knocked out, and there is some damage on his chassis but he should be online shortly.


Hmmm... I seem to write long first sentences... come to think of it, I usually write a lot of long sentences.


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