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My TF fanfics:

FFnet: Seekers
(G1. Summary: Just what makes a Seeker tick? How one becomes a Seeker and what exatly it means? And what Bumblebee has to do with Seekers?)

AO3: It Happened
(G1. Summary: Optimus Prime doing what he shouldn't do, behaving like he wouldn't normally - and dealing with the consequences.)

AO3: Consort
FFnet: Consort
(Greekverse. Summary: The ruler of Kaon takes a consort. Censored on FFnet.)

AO3: Long Way
(G1. Summary: Starscream defected to the Autobots and lives with the twins. They play… and then the play turns rough.)

AO3: Swansong
FFnet: Swansong
(G1. Summary: Starscream has a secret and concerned about his trine-mates so he plays matchmaker.)

Falcon!Seeker universe stories:
FFnet: Taming of a Seeker
AO3: Taming of a Seeker
FFnet: Training of a Seeker
AO3: Training of a Seeker
(Summary: At the beginning of the war Decepticons realized the usefulness of the Seekers as flying warriors. But instead of recruiting they decided to capture and tame them. But some of the Seekers are more than meets the optics... both prequels to Fly high.)
FFnet: Fly high
(Summary: Seekers want to be free. Even if they don't know it yet. Even if noone wants them to be.)

FFnet: Sweet Child o' Mine
(G1 Pre-War.Summary: Prowl takes pity of an abused youngling. He discovers a secret that has far-reaching consequences.)

FFnet: Loss
AO3: Loss
(G1. Summary: A late-night call from the Nemesis to the Ark causes Prowl to glitch and turns everything upside down. But what’s wrong with Starscream?)

FFnet: Origins
AO3: Till All are One...
(G1 AU. Summary: Each bot in the Autobot army has his story of how he became what he is. Some stories are secrets even from the mechs themselves. This is one of them)

FFnet: 2 in 1
AO3: 2 in 1
(G1-ish. Summary: The war ends. What comes after? Coping with a win is no easier than coping with a loss. And sometimes the winners lose more...)

FFnet: Invasion
AO3: Invasion
(Summary: Alien invasion - Cybertron is overrun.)

FFnet: Decepticon
(G1 AU. Summary: "It's The End of the World As We Know It")

FFnet: Starcrossed Lovers
AO3: Starcrossed Lovers
(Greekverse. Summary: The most unlikely Romeo and Juliet of Transformers...)

FFnet: SIC
(G1/AU crossover. Summary: Optimus Prime is behaving strangely. If strange covers wanting to murder Prowl and escape the Autobots that is.)

FFnet: Alive
(G1-ish AU. Summary: Sideswipe's and Sunstreakers journey. oneshot)

FFnet: The Third Sequence
AO3: The Third Sequence
(Bayverse. Summary: transformation itself can be a way to get affectionate. a kinkmeme ficlet)

FFnet: Comeuppance
AO3: Comeuppance
(AU. Crack. Summary: Megatron. Optimus Prime. Battlefield. Grappling. Something else. oneshot)

AO3: Masters of the Universe
(AU. Summary: The war is over and the former faction leaders rule the universe. More or less. But mainly they get to know each other in the berth. Sticky, slashy oneshot at a foursome)

FFnet: Looks are Deceiving
AO3: Looks are Deceiving
(Dragonformers/G1 crossover. Summary: A dragonformer gets thrown into Bayverse (with some G1 characters).)


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