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Ever since I read on #primescream that most people went over to tumblr, I made an account there too and currently I'm trying hard to understand what the hell it is is good for and why. So far no success. It's far worse than twitter, more idiotic than Facebook, more chaotic than any blogging page and there are more trolls there than anywhere I went so far on the net.

I freely admit that I'm not adapting easily to any new place, because for me it is kinda hard. But I can, if it is necessary and/or better than previous places. I moved from BBS to chat and to individual blog and then to Lj with its networked blogs... but tumblr to me looks a step (or several) backwards. It is not logical, not structured, not easy to handle or even to read... and at the same time it is full of unfilterable content, most of which I'm not interested, but takes up resources in my browser to download and display (I had to change from Opera to Firefox just to see it...), people there seem to communicate with inane pictures, gifs and videos reblogged a thousand times instead of original content (be it a photo or text)... answers and questions are so disjointed and haphazard that I hesitate to call them discussion at all, since they usually just try to go for flippant and funny instead of meaningful answers and reactions. Popular topics spread like wildfire and gain ballast that is unrelated, wrong, bad, improper and/or blatantly false in a rate far surpassing Facebook in this regard.

Information, entertainment and pure shit mixes so much that none of them is recognizable any more, none of it is useful, funny, entertaining or in any way 'good'. Trolls are so numerous, they seem to be the norm. For writing it is the absolute last place I'd go.

All in all the place appears like 4chan at its worse and goes beyond that even.

I have no idea what's good there, why people go there. Lj has its weak points, I know, but in comparison with tumblr, it seems kinda like heaven.


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