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Jan. 3rd, 2013 01:37 pm
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My TF fanfics:
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AO3 profile: Kit_SummerIsle

I’m setting my AO3 fics to registered users only, because of the latest theft that ebooktrees did. Older fics are still on ffnet.

If anyone needs AO3 invite, contact me.

FFNet profile: Kitt SummerIsle

From now on, I have a permissions statement about others using my fics as basis for other works: By all means write or create art in my universes, use my fics as basis for your own, and please link the fic/artwork back to me and mention the source; and do not do remixes, because as far as I understand what it is - it is kinda plagiarism. But I'm fine with anything else, even the OCs - that few I have anyway. Ask me please about sequels before you start one, because there are quite many in the works and as the author, I have first dibs on writing a sequel to my own stories. :-)

My TF fanfics:

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The first time I started doing a cosplay costume (Megatron, this year, around May), I knew nothing about it. I just used the cheapest materials (cardboard and school glue) and did everything the way I thought it was right (and redid them when they were not). It was fun and a lot more work than I had thought beforehand - but still fun and enjoyable process.

Now, after two cons, a ton of advice, a ton of reading, a ton of meeting with cosplayers and listening to presentations... now I think that I know too much. I bought new materials, new paints, new everything, eyeball worbla and hiss at its price, pick - and put back - expensive spray-paints and lacquers and surface materials, think of how I can pour the gem in Wing's sword from synthetic resin, plan elaborate electrical setup for illumination in the costume...

it is a trap, I tell ya'll. Don't ever start cosplaying unless you intend to put a lot more time, effort and money into it than you ever intended.

I'm already lost.

My only luck is that I live in a place there is no cosplay shop anywhere nearby, so I can't spend all my money in it.

But Wing's sword will look great. :-)
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Well, the cosplay was a success. More or less. :-) I won the popular vote, so I can go to VIECC (Vienna Con) with the tickets, but I realized just how little i can move in it. I couldn't go up the steps to the stage and had to stay on the ground. Stairs weren't the only problem. The organizers promised me beforehand that I could move around, because all the doorways were wide, double doors - but in  fact all those had one half closed and locked, so I had to fit myself through those small spaces and every doorframe broke something off of my armor. Ohh, and they lost my music and I had to wait nearly a minute in front of the audience while they found it and started to play. You know how embarrassing that is? Other cosplayers had  this problem too, so it wasn't just me.

But all in all, I enjoyed it. There was another LTL costume (a warhammer one) and I learned a lot about how it was done professionally. Not from cardboard, that's for sure! :-)

This was me on the Con, in Stargate:

megatron cosplay


Sep. 12th, 2017 09:48 am
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About four months ago, in a discussion with some friends, I've decided to actually realize one of my tentative dreams and actually do a real cosplay. After a lengthy planning stage, through a lot of hurdles (not the least my dismaying financial situation), deciding about a dozen times to give it up completely, then hampered by a new job that ate away my free time... but during the last weekend I finally finished it and sent in the photo for the competition on HungaroCon. Moreover, I will actually go there and wear it. I can't even begin to describe what it took to me (the introvert, self-doubting me) to decide that.

But that's all the past. Here's Megatron.


Megatron cosplay


Jun. 24th, 2017 07:25 am
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Making an armour is surprisingly difficult, even from cardboard. I've been doing it for three weeks now and I had to redo nearly every piece after trying on and I'm barely halfway through with the whole thing.

fun fact: I actually considered doing it out of aluminium sheets. the only argument against it was the price of aluminium. Cardboard is free (I'm collecting boxes from nearby supermarkets), so it wasn't really a competition. :-)
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The second fic in the Luck of the Draw verse: Street Rat

Pairing: Drift/Ratchet
Verse: Luck of the Draw
Length: 9505 words
Rating: T (it's interfacing, but the very first one and almost 'educational' - mentoring young mechs)
Summary: Ratchet gets to be a mentor again. No surprise there, he gets it often... but why can't he find his charge?

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Wrote an easy, not very long, not very complicated fic to see if I could still write anything. It seems I could.

Luck of the Draw

Megatron/Orion, nice, fluffy and completely consensual, set into an ideal society AU.


Nov. 10th, 2015 08:03 pm
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Strength - a TFP fic, inspired by maelikki's super cute picture on tumblr, about strong!Orion Pax and sub!Megatronus.

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In response to this theft of fics, I have set all my AO3 fics to registered users only. It is inconvenient, since I know some people read them without logging in, but I don't want any more stolen. If anyone needs AO3 invitation, contact me.


Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] dellessa at Stolen Stuff
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Ever since I read on #primescream that most people went over to tumblr, I made an account there too and currently I'm trying hard to understand what the hell it is is good for and why. So far no success. It's far worse than twitter, more idiotic than Facebook, more chaotic than any blogging page and there are more trolls there than anywhere I went so far on the net.

I freely admit that I'm not adapting easily to any new place, because for me it is kinda hard. But I can, if it is necessary and/or better than previous places. I moved from BBS to chat and to individual blog and then to Lj with its networked blogs... but tumblr to me looks a step (or several) backwards. It is not logical, not structured, not easy to handle or even to read... and at the same time it is full of unfilterable content, most of which I'm not interested, but takes up resources in my browser to download and display (I had to change from Opera to Firefox just to see it...), people there seem to communicate with inane pictures, gifs and videos reblogged a thousand times instead of original content (be it a photo or text)... answers and questions are so disjointed and haphazard that I hesitate to call them discussion at all, since they usually just try to go for flippant and funny instead of meaningful answers and reactions. Popular topics spread like wildfire and gain ballast that is unrelated, wrong, bad, improper and/or blatantly false in a rate far surpassing Facebook in this regard.

Information, entertainment and pure shit mixes so much that none of them is recognizable any more, none of it is useful, funny, entertaining or in any way 'good'. Trolls are so numerous, they seem to be the norm. For writing it is the absolute last place I'd go.

All in all the place appears like 4chan at its worse and goes beyond that even.

I have no idea what's good there, why people go there. Lj has its weak points, I know, but in comparison with tumblr, it seems kinda like heaven.


Jul. 19th, 2013 02:33 pm
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How do I get notification for something that I'm not authorized to watch?

This is the last message in my inbox:
(You are not authorized to view this comment)



Jun. 11th, 2013 09:11 am
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I don't usually spam other games but this will be so much fun!

USA declares war on Hungary (I'm Hungarian if someone doesn't know it yet), because we conquered most of Russia and so are neighbours.

If interested, you can join a small group of 'mechs' playing erepublik HERE. Not the best of games around but pretty funny sometimes. Mostly about war and community, spiced with a little politics, diplomacy and general backstabbing. :-)



Jun. 6th, 2013 08:39 pm
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Floodwaters rising in Budapest from the 'World's best bar', A38 ship:


Jun. 5th, 2013 11:35 pm
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I watched Walhalla Rising again. Done so several times since it came out. Never got tired of it. It was damned hard to get hold of a copy legally. I'd never put it up here if not for a half-sentence I read under one trailer on Youtube: "Go back to Transformers, children."

I found it so funny, since I watched it now between bouts of writing Transformers fanfiction.

Watch the trailer (and the film) at your own risk. It is not Transformers cartoon. Graphic hardly even begins to describe some parts. :-)


What would I give to see Mads Mikkelsen in a TF movie... ehh...
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Posting the last twenty-one first lines I wrote in fanfic. Very curious about anything that stands out to you about them, very willing to answer any questions. Stolen from dellessa, because it looked fun.


It was a brief calm between the storms.

The bonding ceremony was an extremely awkward affair with most mechs thinking violent thoughts about the other half of the attendance, including the bondeds-to-be, the attendant sires and carriers.

"Sunny will come one orn, Sides."

Megatron was used to the fact that his Seekers inevitably disappeared after battles.

The beeping was unnaturally loud in the late night silence of the Ark’s Command Center.

“Starscream!” – Megatron’s furious roar could be heard everywhere on the battlefield. – “If you don’t come here right now, I’ll deactivate you.”

The little red optics widened and turned upward, seeking his Carrier, the small servo stopped with a building block in it.

Somewhere on Cybertron, in a lab a mech screams continuously, only stopping when his vocalizer gives out and the sound chokes into static; before the self-repair fixes it up again so the screaming picks up – the cycle repeating itself for orns.

Never again… it was his last, agony-layered thought before falling into stasis on the dirty floor, surrounded by his own torn parts, lying obscenely spread out in a growing puddle of energon and transfluid.

Optimus Prime stood at the command deck of the Ark, gazing at the starscape as it streaked by on their mad dash towards their home.

“Starscream!” - Sideswipe’s voice held urgency and an order that Starscream automatically obeyed.

Seekers fascinated many mechs over the ages.

Megatron stood by the Ark, fuming in himself at the delay, clawed servos tightening from time to time in accord with his mood.

Jazz was thoroughly disgusted by what he saw and it wasn't easy to get that reaction out of the hardened spec ops commander.

Megatron sat on his throne, watching all the nobles and officials gathered in front of him, all bending their proud backs to him, the former gladiator, now their absolute ruler.

The Seekers were fewer every mating season, as the lone, tricoloured Seeker, perching on a ledge noticed.

Optimus flew over the desert that was his home for vorns now.

Skywarp dragged his heavy pedes to the balcony door, hurting all over.

The cage-door was slightly open when they came out of recharge, the huge hangar empty of life other than themselves, quiet at the early cycle of the orn.

Skywarp was angry, horny and as consequence thoroughly frustrated – a mood that promised nothing good whatsoever to anyone around him.

It was not as dangerous as it looked…. he's been knocked out, and there is some damage on his chassis but he should be online shortly.


Hmmm... I seem to write long first sentences... come to think of it, I usually write a lot of long sentences.


Jan. 11th, 2013 03:58 pm
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Title: Legacy
Rating: T
Verse: G1
Genre: drama, H/C
Characters: Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, OC (Lightspeed)
Warnings: mentioned torture (not detailed), disabilities, PTSD
Summary: Little Lightspeed is a sparkling with numerous issues. The greatest one comes from being a survivor.
Disclaimer: not mine. Only the OC.

FFnet: Legacy chapter 1.

AO3: Legacy chapter 1.


Jan. 11th, 2013 03:46 pm
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Title: Legacy
Rating: M
Verse: G1
Genre: drama, H/C
Characters: Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, OC (Lightspeed)
Warnings: mentioned torture (not detailed), disabilities, PTSD,
Summary: Little Lightspeed is a sparkling with numerous issues. The greatest one comes from being a survivor.
Disclaimer: not mine. Only the OC.

FFnet: Legacy chapter 1-2.

AO3: Legacy chapter 1-2.


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